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Majercin, Edward - News Article

News Article on an old BelAir car owned by Ed Majercin.

This '56 Bel Air is back on the road

The history of Bob Bute's 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air is a story about much more than a car ... but it is a heck of a car story nonetheless.

Purchased new at the Streator dealership Virl Z. Hill on May 12, 1956, by dentist Edward Shaheen, on Feb. 9, 1959, Edward "Eddie" Majercin bought the striking four-door Bel Air for just over $1,300. Sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s, mechanical issues forced Majercin to park his beloved Bel Air.
He never forgot it, though, working on the car — a second-generation Bel Air, a bodystyle Chevy produced from 1955-57 — regularly throughout his life, including the day before he passed away in the spring of 2015.
Bute purchased the fairly recently painted but not road-ready Bel Air from Majercin's children on Dec. 7, 2016, and immediately set to work returning the old Chevy back to the streets of the city it had roamed six decades before.
"It wasn't running, it was in storage, but the body was like it is right now," said Bute. "It had been painted in 2013, but the engine, the suspension, everything ... I put $8,000 in parts into it, all original. I went through the entire car and replaced or rebuilt almost everything mechanical."
That included the 265-cubic-inch, V8 engine, the "Power Pack" four-barreled carburetor and the unique flywheel that brought his repairs to a screeching halt for a month until he located one for sale in Wisconsin.
"I took every nut and bolt off," Bute said, but noted that he left the lucky rabbit's foot which he believes has been with the car for over half a century. "I've always wanted a 1955, '56 or '57 Bel Air, but I think the '56 is my favorite."
This March, Bute got the Bel Air back on the road for the first time in something close to 50 years, and while the interior still needs some TLC, he's already put 1,500 miles on it. The engine purrs its approval when he steps on the gas.
"It's a driver, not a show car," said Bute.
Majercin's daughter, Anita Smith, used to pretend to drive the car as a little girl after her father had parked it away. She doesn't remember ever seeing it drive until Bute brought it to her house to show her.
"He's like a godsend," she said of the Bel Air's new owner, who has invited Smith to drive the '56 some sunny day when their schedules allow. "That was my father's dream, to get that car running ... and when I see it on the road, I get tears in my eyes.
"I'm going to be 52 years old, and I'd never seen it out of the driveway. It's amazing to see it on the road."
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Owner/SourceStreator Times-Press News
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